Hi Molly:)
WOW!!!!! You are amazing!!!! These are Super Pictures!!!!! I am blown away! Absolutely floored!!!!
TM Hello Molly
Just wanted to let you know what your photography has done for me so far This year:
1) Agent and manager loved the new shots.
2) Booked an episode of "Curb your Enthusiasm"
3) Just signed on for "Walk Hard" starring John C. Riley. 14 weeks of filming...
Thank you...

(I, Molly, take full credit for his success as an actor. It has nothing to do with his talent or resume.)

“My experience with Molly was one of a kind! Imagine hanging out with an old friend. . . laughing, chatting, having a blast. . .  only to discover that at the end of the day you've taken AMAZING photos.  That's Molly for you.  If you can dream up the shot, Molly can capture it.  I can't recommend her enough!”
— Derek :)

“Hey Molly!! I just want you to know that you rock my world.  YOU ARE THE FIRST AND ONLY PHOTOGRAPHER WHO HAS BEEN ABLE TO CAPTURE ME!!!  I just finished showing them to my mom and those were her words.....she kept saying WOW SHE'S REALLY GOOOOOOD!!!!!  THANKYOU AGAIN SWEETHEART”
— Melanie

Since you took my pictures and I got them up and running, I`ve had more auditions (theatrical and commercial) than any other time in my life. A month and a half ago I booked a national. Last week I booked a co-starring on "Dexter.” My managers LOVE the pictures and so do I! Thank you so much. Also, it was such a pleasure meeting you. (and your really cool dog) You kick a lot of ass! - Alex

Hey girl,
Just wanted to let you know that since you did my new pics and they've been on LA casting, I've been going out like crrazzzyyy! :) Thanks again!  Hope you're doing good, Silvia

Molly...these made me the best way ever.

These are honestly the best pictures I have ever ever ever had by far.  I just can't even express how happy I am.  They are pretty and charactery all at the same time and the colors... my gosh.  You're amazing.  You made me cryyy!

Thank you so much!!!! - Dana


Hey Molly just wanted to let you know, mailed out pics Monday, got a Call Tuesday, had an agent by Wednesday morning. You sure did something right! Once again, the response has been more than I could have hoped for, I have one of the best agents in town thanks to your headshots. Thank you,

Hi Molly! Just emailing you to let you know I received the cd yesterday, and the pictures came out great!  Thank you so much! Those colors worked really well; thanks for your help with that! - Sharlet

The next day...

Thank you so much! You are amazing! BTW, I don't know what kind of mojo you have in that camera lens, but I posted the smiley picture on her LA Casting profile last night, and she got a job offer today!
Thanks again! - Sharlet

Subject: an interview with myself regarding the photos of my face you took last week.

q:  are these the best headshots I've ever had?
a:  without a doubt.

q:  would you recommend molly to others looking for headshots that capture their essence?
a:  no.  I would demand that they use Molly for their next round of headshots.

q:  your favorite face-loosening technique Molly used?
a: speaking fake german.

seriously.  you make it easy and I've never had fun doing that or had
better results. thank you. brad

MOLLY, I just have to take a moment and praise you for the wonderful job you did. This was the easiest experience I've ever had getting headshots done. I felt like I was spending the day making a new friend, not just having my picture taken. You have that amazing ability of being so open and present as an actress, photographer, and person. I think this is what ended up helping me be open and present while the pictures were being taken, resulting in the best headshots of me ever taken.  I was looking at the camera, but I was also looking at you... and I wasn't self conscious. Amazing! You really captured "me" in all my different forms! You were flattering while remaining true to who and what I am. I'm going to be proud to show these to agents and casting directors... assuming I can eventually pick which one to show! You can be sure I will be recommending you to everyone. 

Thanks so much again. You are a very special and talented person (and I'm guessing you hear that a lot). I look forward to hanging out with you again. Whether there is a camera there or not.  Much love, Sharon

I know you said something about keeping you posted on our success with them? I booked a spokesperson gig based off the unedited headshot alone, I didn't even have to audition. lol! Speak soon!

Taylor Curtis

Hi Miss Molly,

I hope you are well!  I just wanted to let you know that I have been meeting with agents this week and they are thrilled with your photos. 

Two have held up the orange pic (see the home page on to refresh your memory) and said I LOVE, LOVE THIS PICTURE (two loves!).  And then another guy held up the me in the suit on the blue background and said this shot is amazing!  Four agents at CESD loved you the most!

The jury is still out on whether they like me, but your photos, they love!

I have passed on long your info and hope it gets you 1,000s of referrals and millions of dollars.

Best, Jack

I love the headshots! They're so much better than the ones I had, they're practically incomparable. And usually taking pictures is a stressful experience for me. With you, it was downright cathartic. Plus I learned so much about you. I can't believe I got headshots and a new girlfriend in the same two hour span! What a day.

Thanks so much,
I'll let you know if they get me a spot on Two and a Half Men.

“This was my 4th time shooting headshots in the last 5 years, and the third time shooting within the last 2 years.  I was sick of going back to photographer after photographer and not getting shots that captured the real me.  Some shots I got made me look too posed and pretty...other shots were aesthetically and compositionally poor, and blasé.  Molly really created an atmosphere where I felt relaxed and comfortable enough to let my personality shine through.  She captured a variety of looks and facets of my personality while at the same time taking shots that were good from an aesthetic and compositional point of view.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  We shot for three hours, in a variety of locations for a VERY good price, whereas I met with a lot of other photographers who wanted to charge me ALOT more for doing less work on their part.  Molly rocks the casbah.  She's a terminator, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  She doesn't mess around.  She came to get down.  Jump around.  Jump around.  J-J-Jump around.” — Joe

hey molly. i'm absolutely BONKERS about those pix you took of daniel and i! just making sure you're touching up that sweet sweet 1930 pic. i'm obsessed with this picture. i'm obsessed with you. Matthew Scott

Hey Molly

Dropped off the pics with ye olde agent today and she's gushing.  
Thanks chica.

Thanks, Wayne.

Hi Molly, The photos are awesome!  I am sitting here laughing and smiling because you can tell that it was a fun shoot.  Well I had fun!  They look fantastic, thank you again. Best, Anne

Hi Molly,
We have had a chance to do a very quick viewing of the photos, and they are all so beautiful. You did a magnificent job! Hopefully we'll have a chance to go through them this weekend to make our selections....It's going to be difficult to choose.

Thank you for the gorgeous pictures and, as an added bonus, a fun experience last week. We are so thankful that we found you.
Warmest regards,
Sharon & Karlie

Hi Molly,
I'm so impressed with my pictures. Thanks so much! Everyone I've shown them too has really liked them and said that I have so many to choose from. You did a great job and made my first time really easy and fun. I even have a few friends that want to go with you now after seeing my pictures.  Celeste

I LOVE MY PICTURES! AHHH!!!! I AM SO EXCITED. Thank you for making the day so much fun. I really want to see your improv performance soon. So let me know~
Thank you,

Hey Molly,
Just wanted to tell you how much I love Marlyse's pics!!!! : )
She's going to KILL with these pictures : ) I'm so excited to start using these shots!! 

Emily (Marlyse's manager)

Hey, Molly!  I'm loving the headshots!!  Thanks so much again, I'm referring you to all my friends  :)  Keep rockin' at life,

Hey girl, I just wanted to tell you what a frickin’ awesome job you did with my husband. (That sounds weird, doesn’t it?)  His headshots rock!!!!  You are awesome, my dear.  Not to mention, my wonderful pictures.  Have fun on your trip! Rosanne

Molly, You were right....there are some really good shots! I'm very pleased with the results. I sent them to my agent for feedback on choices. I really like the bad guy with red shirt/jacket. Thanks again for your support during the shoot and making it fun. I'll be in touch after you return from your trip. Have fun with the family! Tim

(from Hollywood Happy Hour)

We spent the whole afternoon driving to different sites, laughing
and talking, and I now have loads of great shots to choose from. Yay Molly!
Angela McEwan

(from Hollywood Happy Hour) All I know is that I hate taking headshots, don't most of us?, and I have been taking them since I was 17, a long time ago. I hate figuring out what to do with my hair, how many changes of hair styles and oh most of all what to wear. A lot of the panic goes back to the days of film where you would shoot a whole session, pay for a makeup artist, get your eyebrows waxes, your nails done, buy or borrow clothes and one little hair would be running down your nose or in your eye and there was alas no photo shop to fix it or even worse the shots looked great under a magnifying glass or those little things you fit around your eye and you would look and look over and over until you had a round rim around your eye. and then you blew them up and often you looked stiff and miserable or the lightng was awful. So thank god for Molly and digital photography. It felt less like a photo shoot and more like friends taking pictures. You know those wonderful shots you take with your friends or even while onstage or set and you wish you could blow them up into headshots. So with Molly you are having a conversation about oh, food, movies, things of the day. After the shoot, she will go through the hundreds of shots and take out the nastly ones, the "ugly" ones and simply leave you with the best. I asked her to even take out the mediocre ones or the maybes I trust her that much and wanted less rather than more. Her prices are more than fair. So go look at her web page and then go see her and her photos and decide for yourself. I am sure there are amazing photographers in this group, and I have shot with one who for me at the time was terrific, but for me. now, Molly IS the best.


(from Hollywood Happy Hour)

Hi all, Usually I reply rather than initiate. So Please indulge me if I have bent some protocol. I just wanted to acknowledge not only the great deal Molly provided, but how absolutely delighted I am with the
photos, time and eye she brought to the experience. My problem is, I have narrowed down on the first go round to 80, yep 80, shots I like. I have sort of weeded out about 25% of those for some quirk or other in my head. To say that I am not ready to commit to Molly my final selections for her to crop and mop is an under-statement. So, I guess I'm trying to thank those that weighed in on the controversy that arose when she "offered" the deal, because it was impetus for me to FINALLY get my new shots done. Also, thanks for all of you, who make this site a true resource for questions, comments, concerns, advice, rules, support, jib-jabby type of stuff and even the once in a while solicitations.

My best to you all. Now lets get bookin'!

Ross Gottstein

PS. I forgot - this is an official shout out for HAWKEY PHOTOGRAPHY.
I have no tie to her, other than she is my headshot photographer. My
purpose is to let folks know, their time and money, and well, career,
would be worth the while checking her out.
Ross Gottstein

Hey Molly, Just got done sending the photos to my manager. I love too many
of them! So its gonna be kinda hard to narrow them down but I MUST!! -Thanks

Oh my god, Molly! Ha! I just had a chance to look at my head shots. They crack me up...I mean that in a GOOD way! You captured my quirky, nerdy and dominatrix side (haha) all in one. I'm trying to figure out which ones to choose. Hoorah!


hi Molly, I love my new headshots!  They rock harder than a 16 year old at prom. Thanks Molly!  I've been telling everyone about the pics and hopefully sending you over more peeps.  I also put your flyers up. Lloyd p.s. - I love the one with me in front of the orange background.  It shows the chicago on my shirt, so i think it's gotta be one of the fixes


The photos are fantastic.  I'm really pleased with the results and I know that my agent will be, as well. Tthanks for the great shots.  They're the best I've ever had.


Hi Molly,
I've been meaning to email you for days.  I absolutely LOVE the photos!  You are a miracle worker...because I was definitely not looking that good in person that day!  I have so many that I like, but have narrowed it down to 3 and can see using them for different purposes. 
Thanks again Molly!!!

Girl you really are good!  I love my shots!  I like way more of these than I ever thought I could.  With some good touch ups for the old wrinkles, etc. their are gonna be quite a few that I really like!!!  Just wanted to drop you a line to make sure you knew that you are gifted girl.  And as a fashion photographer too!!  I'm no super model and you were able to capture some really good feelings/styles/compositions! Thanks again girl!  - Andrea

HEY!  So i just went through the pics for the first time.  AWESOME!  There is a lot of strong stuff to go through.  I am also glad that there is stuff that i thought didn't work as it helps me focus on what it is i want to go for.  Doesn't help me though cause there is A LOT i like. 
Thanks again! 

I absolutely love my shots!  Everyone that looks at them is utterly impressed.  My parents want copies of the entire CD and my teachers had to pick multiple pictures from my final selections.  I've narrowed them down to about 37 now... from 274!  Ha!

I've been singing you praises and telling all my friends who still need headshots to come to you.  Everything about what you offer is fantastic and when I talk to the people who already got their headshots, I realize I made the perfect choice. 

Thank you so much! - samantha

HI Molly
pictures are GREAT!!!!!
thank you!
I'm going to see in detail everysingle one and let you know thanks!!!!!!!!
you are very talented!

Molly! I loved my shots! and so did my fact i gave them your info to submit to other clients (kolstein talent agency KTA)..

please use my photos for whatever you would like! they are positvely the best headshots i have ever had done...thank you so much!

again, thanks so much and i wish you the best of luck! -kelly

I can't THANK YOU ENOUGH, Molly! 
You gave me so much to choose from.  I'm so grateful for your talent and immense warmth!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you....!!!
Big Hug & Much Love,
Talbott Hola Molly, Once again, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for everything!!  I had such a wonderful afternoon with you!! 
Now, I know your secret of how you capture a person's essence on camera.  YOU are the secret! 
I must let you know:   YOU make a whole world of difference, Sweetie!! xoxo and big hug,

Molly!! We both wanted to say thank you so much for everything!! Really we just loved the pictures and we are so happy with the outcome of everything. I definetly would love to work with you again. It was such a good experience and i just really wish you the best of luck in everything. We seriously cant thank you enough, my press kits look amazing , my myspace music page looks amazing and everything is just perfect. I wish you the best of luck and lots and lots of success take care! Best wishes!!

Sincerely, Lasette =)

I got my CD yesterday and there are SOOO many pictures!!  Thanks again, so much - this was the first time I've had headshots taken that I actually felt confident that something good would come out of them! 
Thanks again!!

I got my headshots.  I love them!!  There are so many great ones to choose from!  Thank you for the pictures, and for making it a painless, actually fun, experience!  Thank you so very much!

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my headshots. I can honestly say that they are the best I have ever gotten. Thank you so much! I will be referring you to anyone that needs new shots. Again, you are AWESOME!!! Mike

I LOVE MY PICTURES!!  I had such a great time shooting with you and just wanted to thank you for bringing out the real me, and making me look great at the same time.  It's funny, but I was kicking myself for not telling you that I wanted to get some quirky pictures like some I've seen on your site, and then when I got the pix, there were quite a few that made me laugh out loud because they really captured different sides of my personality.  I really can't thank you enough - you may be the only thing in town that's worth the money.  Thank you again! -Joey

Hello dear! I know I've mentioned it, but thank you again - I love my pictures and so do all my agents.  We're getting excited for episodic season...
I was sending friends your way before we even had a session together! 


Session 1: Hi Molly!  Hope all is great with you!  Every casting director (about 5 or so) that I've done workshops with have all liked my pic's!  :)  Thanks again! Jackie told me that both her favorite headshots ever and her boyfriend's favorite headshots ever were with you!  Rock on, Jill Session 2: I'm having the hardest time picking photos!  You've given me so many great shots that I'm just struggling!  Thanks again! Jill

Hey Molly,
Everyone loves the pics you took, thank you so much!

Thanks Molly! My headshot came out wonderfully! I really appreciate working with you, it was a great experience. I would have sent you a thank you card via the mail but I know how much you appreciate being green. Thanks for the info regarding the class, I'll totally check it out. You might want to check these out: green newsletter;; or google. Cheers, Ashley

Just wanted to drop a note that EVERYONE (three different agencies) are raving about the photos.

Thank you for SUCH a great time, experience and product! Let me know if you want a copy of any of the hardcopies for whatever.

P.S.: LOVE that you included the pic of you.  F*&%ing genius!!!! - -Micah

You f*&%in rock. I can't believe you made me look so good! I am so impressed and so happy, and my make-up looks so pretty!! Thank you so much girl. You are so talented. I can't wait to show Shana and Mike at BBA. Hope you had a good show tonight. :) Xoxo Janell

They are amazing!!!!  I cannot wait to show them off. 
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  I will refer everyone I know to you.  You do wonderful stuff with a camera!
Thanks, Kelly

My agents have FINALLY picked their favs from my shoot with you. They loved all the pics, like for the first time they reaaaaaaally love my pics. So there you go, congratulations, you are successful. ha! Tell your mom, you made it.
Call u soon! Good luck tonight, when in doubt just say "clown rape" it always makes people laugh.

Molly, Thanks so much for an awesome time at the photoshoot on Saturday! I was totally comfortable taking photos with you. I would actually like to develop a comp card for modeling soon, so I will be back from Chicago to schedule another shoot!


I LOVE my photos!!  I brought some of my favorites to my acting class last night and everyone raved about them.  (They all wanted your info, too!)
THANK YOU so much for taking photos that actually look like me, and where my smile doesn't look like I swallowed an alien...  You're awesome.

Fantastic Friday to you Molly!

So I wanted to say thank you again for the photos! I am uber stoked on the pics, and I just picked up some prints from Argentum that look super! Massive thanks again and I hope that the cosmos shine brightly upon your night!

With 2001 A Space Odyssey on my mind I remain,
full of boundless bliss! - Randy

Hey lady! I love these pictures!  I'm very tired of looking at myself - but I love these pics.  I feel like these are the first pictures that show my personality - so, thank you! You rock, lady! :-)

Hey Molly!  Remember me?  I'm that biatch on the Real World!  Haha, I just wanted to say (in case in the craziness of Hollywood I missed the opportunity to to do so) thank you, thank you, thank you.  You were so great, and I love my head shots.  Granted, I sort of hate TV and probably won't get a chance to really use them to their full potential, but they make a great facebook picture in the meantime!  Really though, you were wonderful, and reminded me there are sane people in Hollywood. Hope you are enjoying summer and life! 
Sincerely, Sarah


Your shots got me a commercial agent - sounds like one of those blurbs, but it's true. She complimented your work highly. You are awesome.

Thanks again!

See you around the IO.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love them, smiley lines and all.
Thank you so much Molly! I am so happy that I met you. You have been such a help in more ways than one. - Shanon

YO MOLLY! i LOVE LOVE LOVED my shots. You did an awesome job, I look like me,  or a very well photographed version of me. My fam and friends also raved and thought i looked great. THANK YOU SO MUCH for my shots. You have an amazing natural energy that made the shoot comfortable and easy. You are the cats pajamas!
Lysandra Sykes

My agents are so excited about the new headshot. I just booked a Home Depot with the new picture!

John Bonds

Cool deal, you're photo worked wonders by the way.  My first audition with my new agent, I booked it!  THanks so much!  I'll be using you again soon!


Dear Molly, I do believe that for the first time ever my headshot has a smile in it! I have never had a photoshoot that ended with a single photo of me genuinely smiling that I liked and I left your photoshoot with two (that I LOVE)!!! There are so many great photos to choose from; I've had 3 friends take a look and I still haven't been able to narrow it down to under 10! You are such an artist at putting people at ease. I had so much fun and I think that's why I'm having so much trouble deciding on the final shots. You really have a skill at capturing the true and genuine personality of your subject. And just in case your head has not expanded to completely fill your brightly colored abode, you are an awesome possum. There. I said it! Cheers, Ally

Unbelievable!  We LOVE them!  Thank you so much for your time and effort!  They look so fun and we spent so much time laughing and commenting on which ones we like the best!  Mike made the joke that some of the pictures at the Disney theater look like a music video! 

Thank you so much for everything!  They are fabulous!  You are truly talented!

Jen Andrade

Hi Molly, The photos are great!  We had fun narrowing it down, although from the very beginning there was one that stood out: 2836.  I love the mood of the ones taken on the hill by Silver Lake - it looks like it was taken under the African sun! 

I couldn't be happier.  You've done a wonderful job creating all different kinds of moods and interest.  Well done. Thanks. Isla

Eva's 1st e-mail: Molly! You totally rock! The pictures you took of the boy (little Andy) on Friday are amazing. Normally I get maybe 20%, but I am going to have a hard time picking a headshot out of these because there are so many awesome shots. Great composition. Awesome interaction with him. Yup! I want you to shoot me now! Let me know when you have time. Eva's 2nd e-mail: Just got the pictures from my shoot with Molly Hawkey. She can't take a bad picture, and believe me, it's NOT the subject!  I rarely like my pics, and I have so many good pics out of this shoot, I'm going to have a hard time picking my favorites. Eva's 3rd e-mail: I have had an explosion in work since Easter weekend. I thought about what this might be due to, and the only thing I've done differently is the pics I have posted on casting websites... ok... and a lot of praying. Most of you know Molly shot me and my son.  BOTH of us are getting out for auditions several times a week now, with the same agents we've always had, who used to get us out a couple of times a MONTH. I am now working in LA as much as I am in TX.  I honestly believe it's all because of the right pictures.  Molly captured Andy's and my personality, and we look real in the photos. THAT'S what makes them different from other pics that all have the same "style." Honestly... if you're thinking about getting new pics or if your pics just aren't working for you GIVE MOLLY A CALL!  I know this reads like an infomercial, but I wouldn't be writing to everybody if 1) I didn't really believe Molly's pics are responsible for the increase in my work, 2) I didn't like to share good info with my fellow actors.  Hugs to all of you! Eva

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my headshots! They look amazing, and the whole experience was so great. I usually really dislike taking headshots. The whole awkward extended silence filled with random clicks doesn't work too well for me. But I seriously felt like I was hanging out with a friend, and felt very comfortable having my pictures taken by you. I can't wait to outgrow them and do it again!  

ps. I brought them to my agent and he loved them! You're already on his preferred list. ~Emmanuelle

Just taking my first looks and these are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You for these, they are great, EXACTLY what I wanted. I'm so happy, and you should be really proud. If you want to use any of the pics for your site, please, please do cause they ROCK!! Talk soon, Fiona

I know it's been a while but I think I am finally sick of looking at myself!! Again I have to say that I love love love the pictures and my agent is super happy with them. It took us forever to narrow it down. She totally fell in love with your work and is putting you on her recommendation list, so that's pretty cool.
Thanks Molly your amazing, I will talk to you soon.

Molly was just terrific. It's the first time in my life that I have so many good pictures of myself. I was nervous and uptight and she knew exactly how to relax me. Thank you Dominique

“Molly, You are so AWESOME!! I think you did a great job!  I will definitely keep recommending you to friends!!”
— Jennifer

i thank you a bunch these are my best photos out of the 4 sessions I've ever had!!!! -kyle

WOW!!! The photos are fantastic. They are really great. There are a lot we like a lot. You did a very good job capturing my personality and my eyes. Plus Thanks for that shot of me and Sara. That one's cute! So, to wrap it up, Thank You, Thank You very much. I will be proud to present these to the appropriate people.

Sincerely, Jimmi James

I love the pix, moll. Honestly, I think they are the best shots I've ever had.  I'm not even kidding.  They're at my agent's right now.  Love . . . Jackie

“Molly is the best.  She totally put me at ease which gave me a chance to be candid and spontaneous and my pictures prove it.”
— Matt


I did get the photos and i love them, the ones i will end up using are amoungst some of the nicest photos i have seen of myself, you have quite the talent, so we will be working together more, i had fun and the engergy was great.
— Yechiel

— Daren

"Molly was a jewel! And being such she knows how to find the diamond from the rough!" - Elizabeth Molly, I've gotten so much positive feedback about your pictures.  My acting teacher and my life coach loved them.  Everyone asks me where I got them done.  Elizabeth

You're the best headshooter in the whole world, Molly.

You are like the gift that keeps on giving the whole year though. Thank you very much.


I LOVE my new pics. It was soo hard to narrow them down because there were so many to choose from. Go check out my website and you'll see them! Best of all possibilties, Angel

Hey Molly! So I'm totally in LOVE with my pictures.  You really did a wonderful job, everybody here in Chicago loves them. Natural lighting was definitely the best choice for me.  It was hard to narrow down my choices but I have.  Hope all is well with you.  Talk to you soon:)


I got the photos and took them to cosco to make prints and have been sorting through them and emailing them to my agents for the past several hours. i love them, i think we got so many good things that i did not have before, they are very fresh and natural. They seem so real. I love the no-make-up ones, you really captured some great moments straight from a crime show. I hope my agents love them and can decide quickly, I narrowed it down to 30!! jodi

No. You're the best! I love the shots!!! I even like a bunch not in your Faves folder!

BTW, if you're looking for your red chair, it's in my trunk. I can drop it off tomorrow if you want. Jim

Hi Molls... Thank you thank you THANK YOU. You did a FABULOUS job, I love you. XO Molly

Molly, Joe's pics are FANTASTIC.  You completely captured him.  I'm so excited to refer more actors to you.  Great job, there darling.
— Stacie (Talent Manager)


Just wanted to let you know that we got the photos today...then we huddled around our computer for a half-hour (or so) looking at the shots...and I must tell you a story.

About a year ago a local Seattle theater organization had a "Headshot Day," where local photographers would see a large number of people (in hour-long slots) for headshots in their studios.  It was all for the bargain price of $100 per session.  I'd not had new headshots for, about six years or so, and I decided that this'd be a good, cheap way for me to get an update.

So I showed up, and this woman did me up all pretty, threw a little make-up on my face, and proceeded to take some shots of me...without giving me any instructions.  Just basically asking, "So, what do you want now?" repeatedly throughout the session.

The pictures came back, and it was essentially 75 shots of me crinkling my eyes, squinting, furrowing my brow, and smiling uncomfortably at an elevated camera.  Also, she'd shot me with a white background, which had the effect of making my teeth look brown.  And I wore a black polo, which had the effect of making me look in my late thirties.

So, as I was sitting, clicking through my $100 worth of headshots, beads of sweat started to form on my forehead.  "There's got to be one.  Just one that I can use," I remember thinking.  Just as panic was starting to set in, I found a single shot I was sitting on a stool...not smiling.  "Good enough," I thought.

Now, flash forward a year...and I have the opposite problem -- there are too many good shots to choose from.  I found about 5 "perfect" shots just on my first look...about 20 shots into the disk.  Amazing.  And Erika's was the same.  Plus, we have some great shots of a squirrel, in case we ever go out for an animated feature...about squirrels... :)

Anyhow, we're going to commiserate about these pictures, and we'll get back to you with our choices.  Now, just so we're clear, how many of these shots are to be retouched?  Is it 2 per person?  Or is Erika getting one more, because she's got an additional look?


First of all, my agent loved your photos. for that matter, so has everyone i've shown them to. they really are awesome. sharon chatten lost her ever-loving mind when she saw melanie's (which is incredible, by the way). she was singing your praises up and down baroque!!!
— Nina




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